Chinese beliefs on dating donegal dating anotherfriend

Funeral customs and the wake The burial of the dead (cremation is traditionally uncommon) is a matter taken very seriously in Chinese societies.Improper funeral arrangements can wreak ill fortune and disaster upon the family of the deceased.Arranged marriages, where the marriage match is arranged by the parents or relatives of the bride and groom were once common in Chinese society but are now rare and viewed as old-fashioned.

According to Chinese custom, an older person should not show respect to a younger.Chinese engagements are not a binding commitment to marriage, but an indication that the couple intends to marry.Engaged couples may sometimes live together as man and wife (if their parents consent), but formal marriage is always preferred because of its (relative) permanency.Two important componentss of Chinese culture- the need to avoid embarassment ('saving face') and to conspicuously display wealth and prosperity- come heavily to the fore in marriage, especially where the marriage is of the eldest son.Failure to provide a lavish wedding is likely to lower the status of the family, bring shame upon them and bring criticism from relatives raining down upon them.

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