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2)Do you feel tired if you do any excessive work and if so give me an example? 4)Are your eating habits fine or is there a decreased food intake? If it is full reversible and the pain is not much then you need not worry much. Weight of a person is mostly determind by ones genetics.

5)Do you consume alcohol or any other substance on a regular basis? yes doctor, I do feel weak and dull the entire day, there is no reduction in sleep or food intake.. If both your father and mother are having a low weight then it is likely that your weight may not increase as well. S, Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Medical Sciences, Sevagram Certificate Course in sex Therapy and Counselling, Sexology and Counselling, A Sexology, Medikon Sexual Sciences, Mumbai Training in Advanced Neurology at a leading corporate hospital (CARE hospital) in Hyderabad Child Psychiatry Training in National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, Bangalore Sex Therapy and Counsellingat MEDIKON Sexual Sciences, Mumbai.

In case of premature ejaculation, I will suggest an exercise that will help. When you are masturbating and are about to ejaculate, stop the stimulation, and apply pressure at the tip of your penis. However if your parents are having a good weight then you need to be investigated for your low weight. Srikanth Reddy MDDoctor of Medicine (MD), Psychiatry Residency Program,2001 – 2012 M. Doctor Spring is a novel online Doctor consultation platform where you can get your medical questions answered by leading Doctors.

When the feeling to ejaculate lessens you can start the stimulation again. We will evaluate the cause of your weakness and will that advise you as to what you can take. One common cause that I have noted is hyperthyroidism. Some have problem with neutritional absorption and this manifests initially with anemia. Just Submit your question and rest assured that you will consult a Doctor easily.

For the answer, Laqueur turns to what was once called the rise of the bourgeoisie but is now known in academic circles as the advent of modernity.

Anti-masturbation, he shows, was not a hangover from a sexual dark age, but a quintessentially modern phenomenon, a reaction to a capitalist culture founded on appetitive egoism.

The pride was that of a world-class wanker, an inveterate fantasist delighting in imaginary ‘sport’ with bevies of accommodating lovelies, including Mrs Steward, Charles II’s inamorata, and the queen (even in fantasy, Pepys was a staunch royalist).

withdrawal of the penis before ejaculation, ejaculating “outside”.In May 1667, 18 months after the no-hands episode, Pepys recorded another delicious hour spent alone in a boat.This time, however, it was not the thought of pretty girls that diverted him but his friend John Evelyn’s ‘pretty’ new book ‘against Solitude’. The exchange was an exercise in paradox, with both disputants adopting positions contrary to their convictions. Reading these strictures, or the many other 17th-century jeremiads against solitude, Pepys would not have thought to apply them to his solitary sexual pleasures. etc masturbation, previously a second-order sexual offence, soared to the top of the register of vices.Jewish and Christian moralists could be harsher in precept, but in practice they too tended to view it with contempt rather than alarm.Why did this unconcern give way to frantic hostility in the early 18th century?

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