Cameron diaz tom cruise dating

She introduced her beau to her parents over the Fourth of July Weekend.

Later that month, Benji brought Diaz to sister-in-law Nicole Richie's party celebrating the premiere of her new VH1 show .

Cameron Diaz has given a rare interview about married life with Benji Madden, admitting that she "just knew" that he would be her husband as soon as they met.

The actress has also opened up about their intimate wedding, which took place at their Beverly Hills home after a whirlwind seven month relationship.

Richie is married to his brother and fellow Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden.

Also in July, Benji and his lady also went on a romantic vacation in Italy.

First there was Cameron Diaz's The Body Book, in which the multi-millionaire deigned to give common women advice about their bodies, including a chapter in which she got very bossy about how women should or should not groom intimate areas. Online that her pits are as raw as nature intended them: "I don't believe in antiperspirant. I haven't used it for almost 20 years." That's right, not since The Mask has Cameron Diaz sought to mask her body odors.

I'm not comfortable with the idea of cutting myself up. So, having big boobs may be in now, but in the future the fat-chested look will probably be back. (January 5, 2015) Married her boyfriend of 8 months, Benji Madden, in an intimate ceremony at their home in Los Angeles, following a 2-week-long engagement.

I think in LA, a lot of girls are doing it to please other people.

Otherwise it would have been something else." CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY Cameron Diaz said she and Benji Madden tied the knot in their living room The 43-year-old, who was introduced to Benji by his sister-in-law Nicole Richie, said there was an instant attraction from the moment they met. Like, I don't even remember any of that." Cameron said she was instantly attracted to Benji She continued: "All of that is like, that's the thing, that's how I know he's my husband…

"It was one of those things where everyone tells you, ' You just know when you know.' I was like, ' What does that mean?

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