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The bill to rename it as Kolkata High Court was approved by the Cabinet on July 5, 2016 along with the renaming of its two other counterparts in Chennai and Mumbai.However, the High Court still retains the old name.The Calcutta High Court extended its Circuit Bench in Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and in Jalpaiguri, the divisional headquarters of the North Bengal region of West Bengal.The current acting Chief Justice is Jyotirmay Bhattacharya.

Even though there is usually an extended holiday in Calcutta during the period of 23 January (Subhas Chandra Bose's birthday) to 26 January (Republic Day of India), the fair is held at the beginning of February to overlap with the payday of most Kolkatans.This practice causes a lower footfall on the corresponding day in the book fair. The initial apprehension about reduced attendance at the new site has been proven wrong. The fair used to be held on the Maidan, Kolkata's large urban park.Since year 2009, the fair has been held in its new location at "Milan Mela" near Science City on E. It was being held at the Park Street end of the Maidan, due to a better road and rail network, having moved there from the other end of Maidan in 1991.Justice Romesh Chandra Mitra was the first Indian officiating Chief Justice and Justice Phani Bhushan Chakravartti was the first Indian permanent Chief Justice of the court.The longest serving Chief Justice was Justice Sankar Prasad Mitra.

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