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This paper critical review the previous studies in designing stand-alone inverter and modelling the inverter with two control loops to improve and provide a high-quality power of a stand-alone inverter.Multi-loop control techniques for a stand-alone inverter are utilised as the first loop is a capacitor current control to provide active damping and improve transient and steady state inverter performance.

Though a number of systems have been developed in this field but most of them are not practically applicable due to outdated technology.A Non Return to Zero Differential Phase Shift Keying (NRZ-DPSK) is utilized for downstream and re-modulate the downstream signal using intensity modulator (on-off keying OOK) in Return to Zero (RZ) format in order to transmit upstream data, sustaining data rate of 10 Gbps/channel is an optimized network in full duplex mode.Simulation results shows that uninterrupted transmission using 50 GHz channel spacing is accomplish over a distance of 25 km.Therefore, we have developed a concept for a market that offers geofence, which can be applied by all and increase the use and integration of proactive services based on location in everyday life.Read More Developments in power electronics have enabled the widespread application of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) inverters, notably for obtaining electricity from renewable systems.

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