Background information dating violence

Any unnecessary/unwanted physical contact caused by another person resulting in bodily harm, discomfort and/or injury.

e.g., slapping, kicking, restraining, choking, and restricting food.

No mistake, action, or sin makes anyone deserving of domestic violence.

Abusers want to control their partners and use repetitive accusations and physical abuse to tear down the victim's self worth and, thus, their personal power to escape the situation.

Abuse tactics have been categorized in a variety of different ways. You may not see any signs of abuse, but that doesns't mean the warning signs aren't present.

The list below groups tactics and gives many examples. Women who experience abuse may not separate their experiences into distinct categories.

The legal definition leaves room for interpretation on a case-by-case basis, giving more latitude to law enforcement authorities and court officials to prosecute and stop the cycle of violence and abuse.

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Nothing worthwhile is gained by name calling and flinging accusations (with no unequivocal evidence) during an argument.

All types of domestic violence can occur in every socioeconomic group, educational and religious background, age group, culture, and nation; and it can happen in same sex relationships as well as traditional heterosexual ones.

Even though a typical victim doesn't exist, certain women do have a greater risk for becoming victims of domestic violence and abuse: domestic violence" ?

(The Middlesex-London Health Unit first published this description of types of woman abuse.

The Women’s Mental Health and Addictions Action Research Coalition it in 2007.) Adapted with permission from the Centre for Research and Education on Violence against Women and Children from materials produced by the Ontario Women's Directorate and CREVAWC for their Neighbours, Friends and Families campaign.

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