Aylin bayramoglu and charlie lubeck dating

Aylin glanced over at her blond friend and smiled deviously, "I think I have a plan." She spills, and begins to quietly whisper her plan in the blond's ear.

A smile grows on Shannah's face, "That could work."Surprisingly, Blake was so friendly. He was really open to her ideas of song choices, vice versa.

:)_"Just admit you like him, Nell." Abraham concedes.

Her clique barely made it halfway up the social ladder, and Blake was king at the top. And it didn't help that they hadn't spoken to one another since sixth grade year. And he only joined Glee because he needed credits if he was even thinking about graduation next year.

Abraham just laughs and Ali clarifies, "Yeah, we wouldn't."Dani grins, poking Nellie in the stomach, "You like him! " All the while doing a cute little party dance in the corner of the room."Is this Embarrass Nellie Day or what?

Blake rolls his eyes, but inside he's kicking himself.

They seemed more excited than his last group, which brought a sad thought to his brain about the bickering Puck and Mercedes or diva Rachel Berry who had an awkward school-girl crush on him that week. By then the last contender had stuck their name in and Mr. " Schue asks with a grin, "Passion." he writes the word on the board for emphasis.

Schue snapped of his reverie, "Okay, Aylin, why don't you start? The girl strutted up in her ripped skinny jeans, giving the group some action as she plucked a small slash of paper from the pile at the bottom of the hat. Schue grinned, He glanced around the room and found the boy in the middle of the room, "Maxfield? Nellie can feel Shanna's glare shooting through her, and she wishes she were invisible.

Ali wheeled up to them and immediately burst into laughter when she saw Nellie glancing at the popular clique at least thirty feet away. " Nellie exclaims, earning a few glances from the rest of the people in the room.

She looks to the floor, her cheeks staining a darker cherry.

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