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His successors were less competent, and Serbias powerful position was eroded by competing claims to rule from different members of the royal family.Tsar Stefan Uro IV shared power with Vukain Mrnjavčević, an official at his court who was unrelated to the Nemanja dynasty and who was eventually crowned as joint ruler in 1365, his family ruling Serbia until the end of the 14th century (see Chapter 4).

Later chronicles fabricated a descent of Stefan Nemanja from Licinius, rival of Constantine the Great, and his wife who was Constantine's sister whom they alleged was a Serb.

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After his death, his widow submitted to Ottoman suzerainty on behalf of her son, who was granted the title despot by the Byzantine emperor.

The Lazarovići were succeeded in 1427 by the Brankovići (Chapter 5.

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