Arianne b dating sim

This is a very different style of game from most Ren' Ai games, most obvious from the use of 3D graphics rather that traditional hand drawn.

It is also primarily plotless with some 40-50 event scenarios possibly coming up during the date, resulting in thousands of possible dates which can range from 1 to 20 minutes long.

Date Ariane is an erotic "Date Simulator" visual novel originally released in 2004, and expanded on over the years.It has a huge following with millions of players over the years.After creating all new graphics in 2014, I ported the game to Renpy in 2015 as a stand alone game.Going to the lingerie shop is not only fun for the player, but for Ariane B as well as she meets an old friend. First: Introduction Second: Steak Dinner After dinner you can leave the house by immediately clicking the car outside. Ariane B will describe the underwear she is looking for, using a combination of the following terms: This isn't as difficult as it seems and if one realises that Ariane B doesn't like classic panties and doesn't need a wonderbra either, it leaves us with only four possible (good) outcomes... But as she will be (partly) responsible for quite a few other scenarios that will be explained in the chapters to come.

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