Am i too shallow dating

I want to make sure I’m not being too picky.”“I honestly don’t think you’re picky enough.

I didn't really talk to her after that, then this year I saw her at a party and we ended up hooking up again. This time I got her number an I decided what the hell id take her out.

“I loved traveling to Spain, the colors are so vibrant, the art is magnificent, and the food is so tasty.” Doesn’t that tell you so much more than, “I love to travel”, which is what most people would say on a first date?

Discover if you are compatible physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and you’ll spend less time with the wrong people.

They can afford to be especially if income is added to attractiveness.

The women seemed more realistic and open to a range of men with varied levels of attractiveness and incomes- though in general looking for a man with more income, I’m not sure they really expect 143-183,000 more .

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