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We’ve never even done anything than people who are more than friends might do.

Sure, we had intermittent crushes on one another in early high school, but this is difficult to avoid when you’re awkward, pubescent, and someone you’re not repulsed by is being nice to you.

And I get it, because friendships can be a really great foundation for a relationship – it’s pretty much like getting a cheat sheet on a person – but we are so rarely presented with the view that cross-sex friendships can be really great in and of themselves.

Granted, it’s not always rosy, and Camille Chatterjee outlined research undertaken by a guy called Don, who thinks friendship between men and women faces the following challenges: defining it, dealing with sexual attraction, seeing each other as equals, facing people’s responses to the relationship and meeting in the first place.

But even that hasn’t been the case for years, and yet it’s something that a lot of people (including, rather problematically, his ex-girlfriend) have apparently had trouble reconciling, probably because they’ve seen too many movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels.

Speaking to Vogue, Alison Mosshart, who used to date Jamie Hince before he got together with Kate, explained: "Jamie and I are like a ridiculous married couple.

Kicking back in the mood-lit, mod-plush lobby of the Bowery Hotel in New York City’s East Village, Jamie Hince is still riding a wave of adrenaline from last night’s sold-out show across the river in Brooklyn. “Everyone came back up to the dressing room after the show, and it was my perfect little environment—all my friends there, and I’m just DJ’ing, and everyone was dancing.

The whole room was packed and dancing to reggae, and it was so lovely. ” Alison Mosshart, sprawled a bit sleepily in the highback chair across from Hince, perks up at the mention of the genre-busting poet and singer, once dubbed “the angriest punk of the ’70s” by the local paper of record. “I met her on the stairs backstage and she was so …

On the day of her first solo show at Joseph Gross Gallery in New York, spoke with the multi-talented Mosshart (who is also—rejoice!

—working on new records with her bands The Dead Weather and The Kills) about her art... I just never had the idea of putting it in a gallery—that came from everybody else encouraging me to.

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