Alanis morissette dating joey dating christian man expect

And yet, as this is the closest thing our generation has to a “You’re So Vain”-style mystery song, we’ll take it.

Side note: Is it just us, or does he sound like he’d kind of like to get back together with her?

She said: “I’m writing a book that will tell my life story.

More than likely it’s several negative experiences, though Coulier is generally considered to be the reason for most of the negative things Alanis sings about on Jagged Little Pill, which came out in 1995.

Alanis has had an interesting life, including becoming “an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church,” according to Wikipedia.

The record is the highest selling debut album worldwide in history.

She has previously revealed she suffered from anorexia and bulimia after being told at the beginning of her career she wouldn’t be successful if she was fat.

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