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THE WHITE HOUSE MESS - DAY We see busy chefs in the kitchen of White House Mess as the camera pans to Josh and Toby sitting at a table.

[looks up] JOSH That's a pretty slow news day in Milwaukee.

The crewmembers of the NASA Public Affairs are around the place.

MARS BRIEFING REHEARSAL - DAY The Tele Promp Ter shows the name 'Galileo' on it and Sam's head pops up.

President, to act as moderator and pass the questions of to one of the experts on the panel rather than answer it yourself.

BARTLET Katie, sixth grade, Green Oaks Junior High School, Austin, Texas, asks, "How old is the planet Mars?

TOBY [while reading a newspaper] Well, Mars is a different time zone. TOBY Mars rotates on it's own axis every 24 hours and 37 minutes.

JOSH I don't understand how if it's noon in the East, and 9 Pacific, how it's on Mars.

[reads again] Stevie, fourth grader, PS 31, Manhattan, asks, "What is the temperature on Mars? [looking through her papers] That happens to be wrong. SAM See, that's kind of what he pays me to do, so... If it's gonna be changed, I'd prefer that the President change it. Bartlet sits on one of the chairs in the front and reads from the computer monitor. BARTLET Yes, God forbid, that while talking to 60,000 public school students, the President should appear smart!

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