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being a father, things that you can and can’t do with your child and the rest of your life. Trying to make it through high school with a kid, it’s hard. He doesn’t think about her feelings, he’s really all in his head. Because deep down, Ty is actually a good guy and he knows what the right thing to do is. She needs to take [the decisions regarding the pregnancy] slowly. Just because I am giving him so much [guff], so he’s probably gonna want to hit me soon. So there still are some feelings there for Annie and Ty. So obviously a lot is going through his head when she drops the bomb. Ty is a very strong-minded individual and he’s out for himself, and not so much for others. He loves to be on stage, he loves the spotlight, he loves the attention and he thinks about what’s good for him. His mom is really controlling and wants the best for him, so he takes what she says and just goes with it. But [he and his family] are just [insisting on] sending her away to [a nice facility in] New Mexico and all of that. I mean, it’s his family that really makes him so selfish. Obviously, because he is going out and knocking up girls, whatever, he’s crazy. He’s an all-star, all-American, high school kid, doing everything right… I’m not being nice about it at all, about him dating my so-called ex. And just as she has feelings for Ethan, I have feelings elsewhere as well. So do you feel more comfortable playing Ty the second time around? I was starting to feel that way [about my performance in the first few episodes] since I was [off the show] for so long. Have you ever done something and then looked back on it later and gone, oh my God, I wish I could do that differently, I wish I could do this differently?One season of the show had appeared on The Sportsman Channel. Rocking Annie’s boat a bit during drama club auditions, Ty has returned with a hint of vengeance. I’m adding layers, I’m adding character, I’m adding depth.He has led the the Sunday program since the death of Tim Russert six years ago.Ratings for 'Meet the Press' have been slumping for years.

We literally find out two days before we get our script. And then they called me with this great storyline and my jaw dropped to the floor ’cause now I get to do all those things I didn’t do before.

In The Jet Set Ty is singing in a classroom and Annie Wilson walks in she introduces herself to Ty, and tells him how amazing his voice is.

At lunch Ty walks over to Annie, and invites her out to dinner after rehearsal–she accepts. Apparently Ty wants to take her on a private plane to San Francisco to a fancy restaurant.

- first majoring in music, then in political science - but never graduated.

He hunted in 21 countries, went on 55 African safaris, killed 140 big game species, many of which featured on his show, A Rifleman's Journal.

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