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Carrera didn’t know how to tell her husband Adrian Torres the truth, so she didn’t say anything.She just began taking hormones and eventually her body said everything for her: when she grew breasts, Torres figured it out.“He did suffer from epilepsy, and that was actually the second cause of death. She had to take him to the clinic, because his family wasn’t around. She was trying to take care of me, have a career, and take care of him — and keep him off of the streets and out of doing drugs.” Her mother felt all the stigma attached to an AIDS diagnosis and was “freaked out at the time, because it was so new. My mom carried a lot of that with her after he passed away.” Carmen Carrera models a dress featuring characters by the artist Keith Haring during an event on World AIDS Day at the Apollo Theater in New York.My mom dealt with a lot of the judgment [my father experienced]. The state of New York will dedicate 0 million more to its .5 billion effort to end the AIDS epidemic by 2020.Period.” Of course she still recognizes the weighty impact HIV has on transgender women, in particular, and she sees a unique way to engage trans people around that: recognizing healthcare as part of transitioning and embracing their true selves. We need to be able to live a full, fulfilling life after the transition and how are we going to do that if we’re not taking care of ourselves?…if you keep avoiding it, you’re just cutting your life shorter.“I wasn’t going to do it right away, because who wants to put their personal business out there?

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“But going through the process on television and letting everyone in was a little scary at first.” Carrera, an HIV and LGBT activist in her own right, says she and her quiet, press-shy husband decided being on the show was “a great opportunity” for trans visibility.Some people will last longer than others, and it’s something that’s sad to say, but it’s honest, and it’s something that maybe people do need to hear.” Carrera believes HIV-positive trans people have worked too hard to become their true selves to just throw it away by not getting treatment.But Carrera also sees how “you can get lost in your transition sometimes.What’s the point, if you’re going to live your life unhealthy, in going through this transition?To just not take care of yourself after that is foolish.” She sees unhealthy people as being “examples for the younger generation to not make these decisions, and to not choose to avoid dealing with things.

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