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So you've started to look for a spark outside of physical connection.You've seen firsthand that you can have the best of both worlds: a physical and mental/emotional spark. As you move through your early 20s, it's easy to settle out of convenience and fear.that way, you're always armed with an entertaining story to share with your friends.As an early 20-something, you haven't had the time or life experience to define what you want in a relationship.Long gone are the days when you abide by the rules of texting or not texting until after a set period of time, or the ambiguous Snapchats to string them along. In your early 20s, parties, one-night stands and meaningless flings are abundant.

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You've come to realize your sexual needs are just as important as his, and as you become more comfortable with your sexuality, you're more willing to voice to your needs and how he can help you meet them.But as you move closer to those late 20-something years, things start to shift.In your early 20s, it was sort of a sick thrill to play games.So, you feel things out as you go, making mistakes and learning from them.Eventually, you learn enough to move past the fun, meaningless flings because you're looking for a bit more.

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